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EDCC Health Watch

Maine EHV quarantine released

The training facility in York County where one horse was positive for neurologic herpesvirus has been released from quarantine.

EDCC Health Watch

Vesicular stomatitis in four California horses

The horses live at a private facility in San Diego County.

horse with abdominal pain

Horse Health Tips

Horse Health Tips: Understanding colic

Learn the causes, signs and treatments of this painful disorder in Episode 3 of our how-to video series, brought you by Zoetis.


Beware arena dust

Bacteria-laden dust in riding rings poses a health risk to horses and riders alike.

EDCC Health Watch

Ontario foal positive for strangles

The suckling filly resides in the Regional Municipality of York and was referred to an equine hospital.


Equine coronavirus risk factors identified

A North Carolina outbreak helped researchers identify factors that put horses at risk of developing equine coronavirus.


New option for equine eye treatment

Acetaminophen show promise as a treatment for uveitis and other painful equine eye conditions

Image of show horse and saddle seat rider performing extended trot by fallendominos. This file is licensed under Wikimedia's Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


UPHA scholarship deadlines approach

This year’s financial awards honor Sandra Hall and Maria Knight

Horse Care

Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing

Amnion dressings can be useful in supporting wound healing in horses, particularly for injuries on the lower leg and other vulnerable areas.

Farm and Barn

What does equine welfare really mean?

A survey of Canadian horse owners about equine housing practices reveals a disconnect between perceptions of “equine welfare” and “standard of care.”