Florida Equine Piroplasmosis Investigation Continues

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services continues to keep the horse industry informed about the discovery of horses with the rare and contagious disease of Equine Piroplasmosis (EP).

A total of 18 premises are currently under state quarantine due to exposure to EP. Since the investigation began, 25 premises have been quarantined, with approximately 200 horses being tested for the disease. Seven of the 25 premises have been released from quarantine as a result of negative testing and an extended time since exposure to the disease.

During the investigation this week no additional premises have had horses test positive, leaving the current number of positive premises at 6. Only 3 of the quarantined premises have positive horses still residing on the farm.

The investigation is continuing and animals are still being traced and tested. Tick surveillance is continuing as well. There have been no exotic ticks found and all testing on ticks collected has been negative for EP.

There are no state restrictions placed on Florida horses at this time and the only country that has placed restrictions on Florida horses is Canada, which will not accept any horse that has been in Florida within the past 21 days. The State Veterinarian’s Office is continuing to work with the United States Department of Agriculture in an effort to have the Canadian restrictions reduced or lifted but for now, they remain in effect.

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