HBO's "Real Sports" Investigates Racehorses Sold for Slaughter Issues Tonight

“Real Sports” host Bryant Gumbel headlines HBO’s sports newsmagazine format show at 10 p.m. EDT. On the schedule: an investigative segment on the fate of US racehorses in the hands of the slaughter-for-meat industry.

HBO has not disclosed many details about tonight’s segment but the press release tells us that the segment is called “Hidden Horses” and describes it this way: “Few casual horse racing fans are aware that many former racing horses are slaughtered for profit. When a thoroughbred race horse reaches the end of its career or is simply no longer profitable on the track, it is often taken directly to auction and sold for meat. Because horse slaughter is no longer practiced in this country, these thoroughbreds are now being shipped by ‘killer buyers’ to slaughterhouses abroad, which are frequently less regulated and less humane than former U.S. slaughterhouses.”

I’ll be watching, how about you?

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