Humane Society of the US Compiles State-by-State Regulations and Resources for Horse Euthanasia, Carcass Disposal

When it comes to burying a horse, not all states are created equal. The same adage applies if you are looking for a rendering plant or a low-cost euthanasia program.

But how would the average horse owner ever know?

Enter the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which has compiled what looks to be a valuable tool for veterinarians, rescue workers, and owners or holders of unwanted horses who are looking for an alternative to sending a horse to slaughter but don’t know what their choices are.

Hopefully, states will add services and resources as awareness grows, and also correct or add to their listings, so this resource will develop and grow.

Click here to access the list, and please forward this post to anyone you think might need this information.

Thanks to the Fugly Horse of the Day Blog for bringing this new resource to the horse world’s attention.

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