Video: Linda Parelli Talks to Her Veterinarian about Equine Herpes Virus; Dr. Dwight Hooten Chats About Prevention, Tips for Farriers and Barn Security, Background of Disease

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Just a horse owner chatting with her veterinarian? Sure, except she is Linda Parelli of Parelli Natural Horse Training (Natural Horsemanship) and her vet is Dwight Hooten, DVM, a well-known endurance veterinarian who is now consulting with Natural Horsemanship in Colorado. I’m sure that as you listen in, many of your questions about the Equine Herpes Virus outbreak in the western states will be answered, and you’ll learn plenty of additional information, besides.

I think it is terrific that the Parelli organization has made this video, and I’d like to thank them and Dr. Hooten for doing it. They didn’t have to, but they did. I hope that you will forward the link to this post to your horse owner friends if you find it valuable.

So get comfortable for the next 14 minutes, and get ready to listen in!

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