Make Plans to See Secretariat: Long-Awaited Film Opens Friday in Theaters

There’s a nice long holiday weekend stretching ahead of us. Time to make plans to get to a theater to see the new Disney film about Secretariat. You can take the whole family or, better yet, take an older member of your family who remembers Secretariat from back in 1973 and probably was a fan!

The movie is completely wholesome and PG, so you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. Unless maybe he or she was a fan of Sham, Secretariat’s arch-rival.

I thought this feature about the film from New England Cable News in Boston had some good points and showed lots of scenes from the film.

Cue the popcorn! And go ahead and cheer right out loud!

Disney’s web site for the film has a gallery, videos, the music video of the theme song and some wallpapers and badges to download once you become a true Secretariat fan…which you will!

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