Olympic Intrigue: FEI Calls for Resignation of Its Own Dressage Governing Board

by Fran Jurga, Special to The Jurga Report and Equisearch.comPosted November 3, 2008

Maybe the Olympics aren’t over yet. This announcement just in from the Federation Equestrian Internationale (FEI), the governing body of world horse sports:

“The FEI Executive Board has requested the immediate resignation of the entire FEI Dressage Committee. The FEI Executive Board has taken this decision following a series of issues indicating the current Committee’s lack of flexibility on certain key matters. The Committee has been seen to work in isolation, not fully representing the interests of the Dressage community as a whole.

“An interim solution is being discussed within the FEI in order to ensure the sound management of the sport whilst reviewing the strategic direction of Dressage. The names of the interim committee and their mandate will follow.

“As the custodian of equestrian sport, the FEI will continue to maintain stringent level of transparency and professionalism meeting the requirements of a modern international sports governing body.”

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