Special Photo: Spanish Riding School Lipizzaner Stallions Treated for Cough, Performances Cancelled

by Fran Jurga | 24 March 2010 | The Jurga Report at Equisearch.com

Photo from fOTOGLIF: Performances at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria are canceled through Sunday as a cough continues to sideline some of the majestic Lipizzaner stallions. About 20 of the School’s 72 stallions are sick with the cough, with ten having recovered. The unaffected horses continue to train in the morning, and the stables are open for tours, according to an official notice from the School. This horse is wearing an MDI device, or Metered Dose Inhaler. Medication is measured into the chamber and a digital timer both releases it gradually and determines when the treatment is complete. That’s how you treat 20 horses at a time…imagine the nursing care needed to keep up with all those sick, but beautiful, horses.

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