Tough Guys Haul Pink Trailers?

It’s Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) time in England this week–a very big deal no matter what sport or breed you embrace, if you live in the British Isles. The all-indoor event is promoted as the world’s most famous horse show.

One of the many sidelights of the show is an auction to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer. And what better way to do that than with a hot pink horse “box” as an eye-catcher? The trailer, donated by Ifor Williams Trailers of Wales, is valued at US$8,000.

This being the age of the Web, you can also bid online!

Now, is it me, or is the dressing room door on the wrong side? Most of us have enough trouble backing up a trailer…can you imagine doing it from a right-hand drive car…on the wrong side of the road?

Of course, you’d need a hot pink Range Rover to pull your pink trailer…

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