Weltmeyer, Champion Hanoverian Stallion, Dead in Germany

One of the world’s leading sires of dressage horses died in Germany this morning.

Weltmeyer, 28, was stricken by a severe bout of colic according to the German dressage site, St Georg,? and was euthanized.

Born in 1984, Weltmeyer’s name is a staple on the list of leading sires of dressage horses. The horse resided at the 300-year-old Hanoverian state stud farm at Celle, where his frozen semen is still offered.

Weltmeyer placed first in his crop of young stallions at the testing in 1987 and has sired more than 4000 foals in his lifetime.

Among his most well-known offspring is Warum Nicht FRH, or “Hannes”, ridden by Isabell Werth at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and many other FEI competitions, including Werth’s up-and-coming Whisper.

The photo of Weltmeyer under saddle is mirrored from the website of the state stud farm at Celle.

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