Where I'm Glad I'm Not Tonight: Santa Cruz, California

there was a storm the other night, originally uploaded by DESERT SE7EN.

Is Big Sur burning? Santa Cruz is. Wildfires are blasting through canyons in Northern California, fouling the air breathed by humans and horses and putting many horses in the direct path of danger.

More than 500 horses have been evacuated from the uber-hip hill town of Santa Cruz, south of San Francisco, according to a report in San Jose’s Mercury News.

Horses of every breed, type, and size have been led, ridden and hauled down from the hills. The newspaper reports estimates that nine horses died in the fires. More than 200 were moved in the past few days and were bedded down at a county fairground. They’ve been allowed to return home now.

They are safe, for now. They are the lucky ones.

Thanks to Desert Se7en for the blog photo.

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