Laminitis Prevention Toolkit

Learn how you can reduce the risk of your horse developing this potentially fatal disease.

The emergence of lush, green pastures is a welcome sign of spring, but those beautiful swaths of sugar-rich grass pose a grave health risk for some horses. Laminitis is a diagnosis every horse owner dreads. A painful inflammatory condition affecting the soft tissues within the hoof, laminitis can lead to permanent unsoundness and, in many cases, euthanasia is the only humane option. Laminitis treatments are improving but remain limited so prevention is the best approach. In this volume of EQUUS Extra, we discuss the metabolic disorders, hormonal conditions and other factors that increase the risk of laminitis and we describe the steps you can take to protect your horse from this devastating disease.

Featured in this Issue:

  • Your laminitis prevention toolkit
  • How to identify underlying metabolic disorders
  • Diet management tips for at-risk horses

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