Dollar Store Finds: For the road/show prep

Trim your horse-keeping expenses by buying some of your incidentals at your local dollar store.

Dollar store items can help reduce the cost of showing and show-prep.

It may take a little digging but you can find many non-horse-specific barn incidentals at your local dollar store—or other discounters—that can do the job and save you a significant amount of money in the long run. So here’s our list—start with these items and then see what else you can find!

· A travel sewing kit to replace buttons or make last-minute mends on show apparel.

· 40 baby wipes in a pop-up container for both horse and handler touchups.

· Two bunches of artificial flowers, similar to what our horses might see on jumps or a trail obstacle at a show. By introducing them at home first, we’ll be less likely to have problems.

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