Fly-Fighting Options

Check out these companies to help control the pest population on your farm.

There is a huge array of fly-fighting products available to help you in your battle against bugs this summer. Check out these suppliers for more information: 

Spalding Labs: Supplier of Fly Predators—tiny, completely biteless and stingless bugs that destroy pest fly pupa, reducing the population of flies on your property—and fly spray.

Farnam: A variety of fly sprays, lotions, roll-ons and spot treatments for all types of conditions. Also feed-through fly control as well as fly masks.

Horse Tech: Buggzo garlic and vinegar pellets; “A Tasty Way to Keep Bugs Away.” 

HorseWare Ireland: Fly sheets, masks and boots.

Pyraha: Fly sprays and barn misting system 

ShooFly Leggins: Plastic mesh leg protection that keeps flies off your horse’ slower limbs and prevents botflies from laying eggs.

Ultrashield (WF Young): range of sprays and products to protect horses from flies, mosquitoes and ticks.

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