That 70s Barn

If you could travel back to Secretariat’s big year you might feel a bit nostalgic about the way things were, while also being astounded at just how much horsekeeping has changed.

Eight-track tapes, gas rationing and rust-colored britches—the 1970s were distinct, if nothing else. In this feature-length article, part of a EQUUS Special Report celebrating the legacy of Secretariat, we take a whimsical trip back to a typical barn in 1973, the year he won the Triple Crown. Coming along for the ride are two prominent equine veterinarians who started their careers at that time. If you’re not old enough to remember 1973, it’s a fascinating look into a bygone era. If you do remember that year, the nostalgia may leave you misty eyed and perhaps make you chuckle. The article is available in a downloadable format for full groovy visual effect.

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