Identifying Legitimate Equine Rescue Organizations

An equine rescue experts offer insights to help you determine if a particular rescue group is legitimate effort to help horses or a shady scam.


Appeals from equine rescue organizations for donations and support can certainly tug at your heart strings. It’s natural, and admirable, to want to help as many horses as possible. But before reaching for your wallet spend a few minutes considering the authenticity of the group making the appeal. There are many well-run, reputable equine rescue organizations out there, but there are also some groups that aren’t what they appear to be. In this article, which originally ran in the October 2004 issue of EQUUS, equine rescue expert Jennifer Williams, PhD, offers guidance on how to tell a legitimate rescue effort from a slick con job.

Click here to download the EQUUS article, “Reputable Resuce or Shameless Scam?”

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