AAEA holds April Fools online art show

Equine artists encouraged to explore 'inner forger'

The American Academy of Equine Art in Lexington, Kentucky, is encouraging equine artists to explore their “inner forger” and submit images of their imitative equestrian art for its April Fools Online Show April 1-30, 2023. The submission deadline is midnight, March 20, 2023.

“Submit faithful copies, derivations, clever spoofs from known (or obscure) equestrian works of the past,” the AAEA press release reads. “Gotta have a horse in there (of course), and if the original piece is really obscure, tell us about the artist/work you copied–be creative, be imaginative.”

For fun and inspiration, past entries in the AAEA’s April Fools Online Show may be viewed here.

The rules

Each artist is guaranteed at least one image in the show. Herewith, the rules:

  1. Please read and follow this prospectus.
  2. The 2023 Inspiration Online Show is open to current members as well as non-members.
  3. All work must include a representation of the equine form, in whole or in part.
  4. Members may enter up to five pieces. (We’ll display the best forgeries, spoofs, take-offs.)
  5. Artists may enter works that have been sold but must note “NFS” on their entries.
  6. This is an online show, so there are no size restrictions.
  7. Do NOT ship artwork to the AAEA!
  8. The deadline for submissions is midnight, March 20, 2023. The show is free to members and $10 per entry for non-members.
  9. By entering the April Fools Online Show, you grant AAEA a non-exclusive perpetual license to use the image(s) accepted for marketing and promotional purposes for up to two years and for permanent display on our “Past Exhibitions” page.
  10. Due to the guarantee of display, this show will not serve as a qualifier towards attaining juried or signature membership.
  11. By entering the April Fools Online Show, artists agree to abide by and follow all its rules.

Submitting the image

“For best display, we recommend uploaded images have a resolution of 200 to 300 dpi, 2000 pixels on the longest side,” the release reads. “Submissions of sculpture (3D) must present the piece from three (3) different angles. Large on a cell phone is usually adequate. You will be contacted if your image must be resent.”

If you have artwork you’d like to enter, send images to [email protected] along with your name address, phone and email. Include size and medium. The AAEA also requests a short statement about why your choice (s) influenced you and what you learned. (It could start with “This painting influenced me because …”)

Questions? Contact Yvonne Todd at yvonne.aaea@ gmail.com.

A non-profit organization, AAEA was founded in 1980 by two board members of the Westmoreland Davis Foundation of Morven Park—Dr. Joseph Rogers and Alexander Mackay-Smith. Their goal was to assemble the finest equine artists in the country to exhibit together, share creative ideas and, eventually, to establish a teaching organization that would be modeled after the Royal Academy in England. For more information, visit American Academy of Equine Art Fine Art (aaea.info)

Landing page image: Edited version of “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” by Jacques-Louis David, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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