Don’t Believe These 7 Common Myths About Equine Nutrition

Feeding for weight gain, calculating the ideal grain ration, and more!

Raise your hand if you believe horses need to be fed at the same time every day. And isn’t it true that alfalfa is too rich to safely feed? Surely it’s dangerous to let a hot horse drink water, right? Nope, nope and hope.

If you believed any of these misconceptions about feeding, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Thanks to the persistence of outdated ideas and the spread of misinformation through the internet, misunderstandings about equine nutrition are common. In this volume of EQUUS Extra, we’ve laid to rest the top seven horse-feeding myths so you can do best by your horses when mealtime rolls around.

Featured in this Issue

  • Debunking popular myths about equine nutrition.
  • How to help your horse gain weight–and keep it on!
  • Is your horse getting the grain he needs?

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