ELCR showcases trail, management webinars

Safety, sustainability and solutions were key themes

Trail riders, horse keepers and farm managers, take note: In its spring, 2023 newsletter “The Resource,” the Kentucky-based Equine Land Conservation Resource highlighted two useful webinars in which it recently participated.

One webinar discussed public equestrian trails, while the other addressed water, flood and mud management solutions as elements of sustainable horse keeping.

Equestrian trails

ELCR staff served on an equestrian trails webinar panel in February 2023 hosted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Greenways and Trails. The recorded webinar can be accessed here.

Topics included why public equestrian trails are important to outdoor recreation, considerations for building and maintaining them, safety measures when sharing the trail with horses and riders, working with equestrian groups in your area, and more.

Sustainable equine management–water, flood and mud management

Did you know that mud and dust, flooding and drought have the same solutions? That good manure management ensures clean rivers and streams? That what you plant in your landscape can mitigate flooding and drought while reducing flies and unwanted pests without the use of chemicals?

Daily Acts, in cooperation with ELCR and several organizations, hosted a webinar in March to address these issues. Sponsored by the Sonoma Resource Conservation District, this webinar highlighted innovative management solutions to mitigate problems caused by both excessive rain and drought. An archived recording can be accessed here.

The loss of open land is a great and urgent threat to the future of equestrian activities in the United States. The non-profit Equine Land Conservation Resource, or ELCR, was founded to address this threat and to preserve land for equestrian use. For more information, visit the ELCR website or e-mail [email protected].

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