Missouri horse positive for salmonellosis

The horse resides in Cass County.

A horse in Cass County, Missouri, is positive for salmonellosis, a contagious and zoonotic bacterial infection caused by Salmonella spp, which causes enterocolitis. The horse resides at a boarding facility, and it is unknown how many horses are exposed.

Clinical signs of salmonellosis include diarrhea, fever, lethargy, anorexia, colic, localized infection and sepsis. Foals are often more seriously affected than older horses.

Diagnosis requires fecal culture, PCR testing or sample submission. Treatment involves IV fluids and electrolyte replacement.

EDCC Health Watch is an Equine Network marketing program that utilizes information from the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) to create and disseminate verified equine disease reports. The EDCC is an independent nonprofit organization that is supported by industry donations in order to provide open access to infectious disease information.

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