Resources for equine mortality composting

Some property owners find that this method of disposing of a horse’s remains is the most practical, environmentally friendly option.

mortality composting for horses remains
Mortality composting can provide an economical and environmentally friendly option for horse owners. (Adobe Stock)

Equine mortality composting—allowing a horse’s body to naturally decompose above ground under very controlled conditions—is an option few horse owners consider. But in some cases, it is a practical, environmentally-friendly answer to the question of what to do with a horse’s remains.

The University of Minnesota has compiled a list of resources for people interested in learning more about equine mortality composting. Resources available include:

Compost pile construction and management

Mortality composting for equine remains on You Tube

Composting video series

Composting online course

Horse Carcass Composting Online Certificate Course (registration opens in the fall, course starts in January) Topics covered include:

  • Approved euthanasia and disposal options
  • Constructing a compost pile
  • Managing a compost pile
  • Land applying finished compost
  • Troubleshooting
  • Frequently asked questions on composting

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