Outbreak of unknown disease kills 67 horses at BLM facility

The facility in Canon City, Colorado is under quarantine as officials and independent veterinarians work to uncover the cause of the deaths

Wild horses at a BLM holding facility
File photo of BLM horses at the Canon City BLM facility.

CAÑON CITY, Colo. – Wild horses at the Wild Horse facility in Canon City have been infected with an unknown yet highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease. The BLM is working with local, state and federal officials to determine the exact cause of death of 67 horses so far since the outbreak began April 23.

The facility is now under a voluntary quarantine. There are currently 2,550 horses at Canon City. Horses gathered from the West Douglas area in fall 2021 are the most impacted.  

“We are working with local, state and federal officials to determine what is impacting horses in the facility and how we can respond as effectively as possible,” said Stephen Leonard, BLM Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Program Manager.

BLM Colorado will post additional information and updates on this outbreak at Colorado – Herd Management Areas | Bureau of Land Management (blm.gov)

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