Rare breeds conservation group hosts free webinar on gene preservation

The Livestock Conservancy event will discuss choosing the correct animal, long-term storage of genetic material and legal considerations.

The Livestock Conservancy, a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting rare breeds of livestock— including horses—from extinction, is hosting a free webinar on “bio banking” genes. The webinar will be on March 26 from 1 to 3 p.m. EST.

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The topics discussed will include how bio banking helps save breeds and species, how to choose the right animals for selection, the collection process, ownership of germplasm and drawing up contracts, how to find a lab, long term storage options, and future technologies on the horizon.

Speakers will include Tullis Matson and Lucy Morgan from Stallion AI Services & Nature’s Safe; Blake Russell from Viagen Pet’s and Equine; Diane Broek from Trans Ova Genetics; David Kendall from Sexing Technologies and Charlene Couch of The Livestock Conservancy

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