Students ride horses to school to prank principal

Senior pranks are a tradition at the end of high school. Most involve filling hallways with balloons or relocating desks to the football field, but when a group of students in Montana decided to prank their principal, they saddled up and loped into town.

According to a Facebook post by Conrad Public Schools, 12 students rode their horses to school on Monday, claiming that a Montana law required the principal to care for the animals during the school day. (Click here to see the post)

When a different group of students pulled a similar prank last February, a deejay at a local radio station searched for the cited law, but was unable find it. (Click here to read that story)

Whether it’s a law or not, we heartily approve of this sort of prank and hope Mr. DeBruycker had some experienced ranch hands available to help.

photo credit: Conrad Public Schools via Facebook

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