‘Barn Stories’ Ep. 51: Sheepish

When sheep turn into horse-eating monsters, it's up to a compassionate owner to save the day.

The last few episodes of Barn Stories have been pretty heavy. This episode is a little different–a lot different. It’s about a horse who was terrified of sheep.

Not that it’s a funny situation for the horse. We’re sure she was certain the sheep were going to eat her, and she reacted as any horse would.

Thankfully, her rider kept her cool and even found some humor in the situation. Not only did she help her mare cope in the moment, but she used it to strengthen their bond. Tune in and learn how she saved the day in the episode appropriately named “Sheepish.”

This episode of “Barn Stories” is brought to you by the American Quarter Horse Youth Association at aqha.com/youth.

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