Submission Guidelines

A horse health publication for laymen, EQUUS features articles on health care, behavior, training techniques, veterinary breakthroughs and exercise physiology.

EQUUS welcomes freelance submissions for practically any section of the magazine. The best preparation for the prospective EQUUS contributor is familiarity with the magazine. Indeed, for writers interested in learning EQUUS style and standards, there’s no substitute for regularly reading the magazine.

That said, the editors will consider publishing any worthwhile submission on horse-related topics so writers need not limit themselves to conventional topics or approaches. If a piece is accurate, well organized, relevant and interesting, we will work with a writer to find a place for it within our format.

There are, however, a few guidelines that prospective contributors should keep in mind.

We ask that unsolicited hard-copy manuscripts be typed, and please note: If you would like your materials returned, a self-addressed, stamped envelope needs to be included with your submission. If you prefer, you may submit your manuscript via email to [email protected].

Features generally run from 1,600 to 3,000 words, and the amount of payment depends on quality, length and complexity of the story. In short, we do not pay by the word.

We do not review or accept simultaneous submissions.

EQUUS Departments Include:

The Medical Front (200 to 400 word items)–Brief articles about the latest research, technological advances, treatments and other veterinary topics pertinent to horse owners.

Hands On (100 to 400 word items)–Short items offering practical advice and useful reminders on everyday horse care issues, ranging from feeding and hoof care to training and breeding.

Roundup (100 to 400 word items)–News stories about the horse industry, topics include breed association, sports issues, legal developments, regulations.

True Tales (700 to 2,000 words)–True stories that focus on particular experiences that typify the multifaceted relationships we have with our horses.

Case Report (1,000-2,500 words)–Equine practitioners and horse owners share their accounts of unusual or baffling cases of equine illness or injury.

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